Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Wednesdays are not a good day for Taggart. I look after Jackie's two girls on Wednesdays and somehow Tag just can't find his groove. For someone with two brothers he often ends up playing with girls and I think he has finally had enough. Every Wednesday morning we have a little pep talk about sharing and playing nice. He always makes good promises but by after lunch it all falls apart. Today we even had one extra girl over to play and Tag was finally banished from Reagan's room for not playing nice and had to play downstairs with me. The funny thing is that when I told him he couldn't play with the girls anymore he almost seemed relieved. He dumped his basket of toys on the playroom floor and proceeded to find the most boyish toys he could - a Superman, a plastic hammer and a plastic axe. Then he went on to have the best 1/2 hour of his whole day.

We'll keep working on Wednesday behaviour, but for now Tag, you have 6 days until the next girl invasion hits. Love you, buddy.

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Anonymous said...

Jeepers Tag, that is the saddest little face I have ever seen on you and it made me want to give you the biggest hug. Love you too Tag! Aunty Leni