Tuesday, February 26, 2008

After a very exhausting week for both Tony and I we enjoyed a really nice weekend. Saturday was, of course, full of soccer for Tony and the big boys. I stayed home with the littles and eventhough I had lots of cleaning up to do inside the warm sunshine called us out and we spent the day outside washing the van, riding bikes and generally soaking up the rays.
Later that evening we headed over to John and Christine's for a great dinner to celebrate my big bro's 50th birthday. (He's the one in the middle) Really great evening visiting without the kids, something we don't do that often with this crowd.
Sunday we headed down south to my favorite scrapbook store to spend some Christmas gift certificates. (Thanks Tony for taking the kids to McDonalds to give me some 'shop-alone time')

Then we headed over to Bellis Fair because you really can't go down there without making a trip to Target. Somehow we ended up in Build-a-Bear and Hudson ended up with an early birthday present. He was so very excited with his new friend.
Then we quickly left there to head back up north to Lyndon where they have this great new park that we have wanted to go to with the kids for the last year. We all had a great time there and the kids played hard for over an hour. Definitely somewhere we will go again when we can spend even more time.

A nice family weekend that went so very fast. Tony and I could hardly believe on Sunday night that Monday morning was approaching so fast.


Anonymous said...

How lucky are your kids!! Love, Leni

Anonymous said...

sounds like so much fun!! We think we are done tommorrow. Left Ton a message re birthday dinner. Still looking forward to out nite out.
chat soon

Naomi said...

Hi Heidy! I just wanted to say hi. You are such a fastastic mom, and the kiddies are adorable. Can't wait to see you all again! Love Naomi