Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine hghlights

The day started out with us finding treats from Daddy on the kitchen counter. Flowers for me and a special candy apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for each of us. Lots of excitement and jumping up and down especially after I told them they could have them for breakfast. If you've never had one of those apples, you really should. They make you feel like sucha kid when you eat one because you can't do it without getting some on your face - lovely. I enjoyed mine after the kids went to bed while Tony and I watched Survivor.

Anyways, after they stuffed their faces with candy apples we headed to school for more Valentine festivities - parties and more sugar. Hudson and his class were heading off to Science World for a field trip where Tony was meeting them so he was especially excited.

After school everyone had fun opening all their Valentines and eating yet more chocolate and candy. Fun to watch Tag's little face as he opened all the little notes from his classmates. He could hardly believe they were all for him.

For dinner I set a fun table and the kids got yet another Webkinz and a book. I also made them little 'I Love You' books (see photo above). It was a very fun, love-filled day with only one meltdown from Reagan when the Webkinz that Hudson got was the one she wanted. But she eventually warmed up to hers and all was well again.

Tony attempted the group shot of me and kids and was not happy with the results (Taggart wouldn't cooperate with him and the whole 'look at the camera' thing). But I like the way it turned out, if nothing else it's real. Real love.
I never used to really be into Valentine's Day. It just wasn't a big deal to me or Tony. Sometimes we would exchange little gifts but nothing much. But the last couple of years it has fun to celebrate it with the kids. What's wrong with a day to celebrate those that you love most. The little books I made for the kids and Tony were just that. I really enjoyed sitting down to focus on them individually and write down those things that I loved most about them. A good way to focus on the good stuff... and there really is a lot of good stuff.

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