Thursday, February 21, 2008

A little adventure

It's not too often that Tony says "Quick, everybody in the car" at 7:45 in the evening. That is usually teeth-brushing, story-reading time. But we don't get to see a lunar eclipse everday, do we? So we all headed out last night in search of the best place to view it. We could almost see it out our front door but there were some trees in the way so we headed a minute down the street where we could actually see it perfectly but that wasn't good enough for Dad. Too many street lights. So we kept driving trying to find darker roads but then we would lose the moon again and would have to keep driving. Reagan really didn't see the fun in the journey. She was very worried that it was 'very dark out here' and 'did Dad know how to get home again'. Of course when one starts, others tend to join in and now we had a bunch of scaredy-cat kids in the back whining about turning around and "what if we get lost" nonsense. One would wonder if we'd ever had the kids out after dark before. Cooper was into it though and was trying to get the other ones back into the spirit of the search as well. Once we finally found the spot to watch from, all was well again and we spent a few minutes with all 6 of us huddled into the front seats of the van gazing into the sky trying to explain astronomy to a 3, 5, 7, and 9 year old. Here's to a little Wednesday night adventure.
**I did try to get a photo of the moon last night but my battery was dead. Not that I would have gotten a photo anything close to this.


mary said...

Great photo.
The night of the eclipse Jake had a soccer practice. I was out walking and was on Broadway, when some guy stops me and points to the moon and says "It's an eclipse". Like I didn't know!!!! But me being me, of course I say, "Wow! Thanks, that's so cool!" And it was cool, (which I already knew before he pointed it out to me) and I'm glad my kids and yours all saw it!

Anonymous said...

It is a great photo. We had a lunar eclipse a few months back - wonder how that works that in our part of the world it happens at a different time - but we were able to watch the whole thing from our back yard which was very cool.
Love, Leni