Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The sunshine the last few days has been such a welcome change. Feeling it pour through the windows in the morning makes everyone smile just a little bigger. Yesterday it got unusually warm for February and I love how it just draws everyone out of their houses around here. People out washing their cars, walking their dogs and especially the kids. Kids everywhere after school. My house was actually quiet and stayed tidy all afternoon because they were all outside.

Signed Cooper and Hudson up for a roller hockey league that starts in April. Sunday we bought Cooper his first pair of roller blades. Hudson bought some last year with his birthday money but Cooper has never showed much interest. But yesterday he put on his blades afterschool and didn't take them off until 6:00. Him and a friend were playing on the driveway and not long after they had a game going with 6 of them. So nice to see them playing hard and getting sweaty instead of sitting in front of video games. Cooper now wishes he would have gotten roller blades a long time ago. That's what we told him but I guess you've got to figure these things out for yourself.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Cooper you look like a regular hockey player. Love the helmet and the kneepads and if it were me, they would have seen more action than the ball because I would be doing nothing but falling over.
See you in about 5 months - yeah!!!