Sunday, May 18, 2008

Friday was Reagan's year-end Kindergarten field trip. We went to the zoo. She was so excited for this day and the fact that I was going along. My neighbor, Jackie, offered to take Taggart so I could go. We had a really fun day. The weather has finally turned and we had a beautiful 28* sunny day.
The weather continues yesterday when Mary and the kids came out for the day. It seemed a long time since we had seen them all so it was a nice visit as it always is. The kids did the slip-n-slide, the pool, the tramp with water, and I think completely tuckered themselves out. Hudson slept utnil 8:30 this morning - completely unheard of.

I love this picture of the three boys all reading magazines in the background.

Today it is again beautiful and sunny. I am heading out shopping with Christine to find something to wear to Lyndon and Erin's wedding which is in 3 weeks. Tony gets to spend some quality time with the kids.

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mary said...

Hi Heidy,
That was so much fun yesterday! The dinner was delicious! Don't forget to forward me that recipe. Glad you found a dress today.
Either you or Nana took a photo of the kids on the deck and Taggart was hugging Jake's head. If that was you and it turned out, I'd love to get a copy - but perhaps it was Nana who took the photo.
Thanks again it was a super fun day.