Monday, May 5, 2008

Oreos and Hudson

Hudson is definitely a middle child. He is going through a tough time right now...taking everything so hard and trying to find his place in this family. Lots of tears, so Friday after school when he seemed to be in one of his moods I asked him to come and have a snack (Oreos and milk, his favorite). He saw a picture on the Oreo box of a dessert and he thought that he would like to try it. So we decided that it would be fun to make a special dessert for everyone just for no reason at all.

We made little Oreo ice cream pies. He pressed the Oreo crumbs into all the little dishes for the crust and then crushed up some cookies to mix into the vanilla icecream. Then we topped each one with some caramel sauce and half a cookie.

They were a big hit with everyone after dinner when Hudson served each one their's. Little things like this, where Hudson is the hero, are so huge for him. So glad we could make that happen the way it did.
"Thank you Hudson, I love it." The look on Hudson's face says it all.


mary said...

Hudson - those look awesome!!! Perhaps one day you could make one for me - or at least teach me how to make it! Love Aunty Mary

Anonymous said...

Ohhh Hudson, they sound and look delish!! Could you please make those for Uncle Mark and me when we come? Aunty Leni

olivia said...

can you make one for me!?
i can't wait to you and everybody else. i miss you!
love olivia
ps. i love the picture of you and taggart.