Monday, May 12, 2008

Hope all of the Mom's had a great day yesterday. I was treated very well by Tony and the kids. They all brought me their presents that they had made at school in bed in the morning. I always love the little hand-written notes and cards that they make.
Tony took care of breakfast for all of us and later treated his Mum and I to a dinner that he cooked (with only a teensy bit of help).

We spent the day just sort of hanging out and doing a lot of nothing. Hudson had been grounded from 'screens' for the weekend but I decided to let him off one day early. So they played some RockBand and such.

Reagan and I did a little sewing. I found this cute apron on Etsy and thought: 'we can make that'. So on Friday we headed back to the quilt shop that we had got the fabric for her headbands and she picked out some fabric for this. I think it turned out so cute and she was so happy with it. it holds crayons
Having a bit of fun with my sewing machine these days - I'm definitely entertaining the thought of trying my hand at a quilt - just a little one. We'll see.
Today I made my first trip to the garden center. Tag and I went this morning and bought some seeds to grow lettuce in some planter boxes on my deck. And while there, I couldn't leave without just a few flowers. Tag helped me plant them this afternoon.
While outside we heard the familiar bells of the ice cream truck. I told him right away 'not today'. I knew I had no cash and I don't want him to think that he'll get one every time he hears it. But it was just his luck that Nana walked outside, purse in hand, ready to go out when the truck drove by.

The other three were not too impressed when they heard of this later. But Nana promised to even things out another day. That's what happens when they all scatter all over the neighborhood after school and leave Tag alone at home. He should get something for being the smallest.

Sorry - I did say that I would try to even out my posts to include photos of all my kids, didn't I? But what can I do - this little guy is just always with me.


mary said...

Nice blog entries lately. Of course Nana came at just the right minute! Lucky Tag.
We're really looking forward to Saturday, and fingers crossed the sun will be shining AND it will be warm.

Anonymous said...

I love that apron and great colours too Reagan!!
Good one Tag, and I am sure that he took no time to tell all the others that he scored the treat!!Love, Leni