Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Signs of summer

Some sure signs that summer is finally approaching:
Eating burgers in the backyard with nothing but your swim shorts on.
A new pool and it's warm enough to go in.

This last one if my favorite and it's hard to describe unless you've had a little boy yourself. It's the warm smell of a little boy's head after they've played in the sun - a mixture of dirt, sweat, sunshine, and little boy smell. Girls don't have it like boys do and they don't have it forever - I think Coop and Hudson have lost it. Today I spent just a few minutes sitting in this chair with Tag, my face buried in his hair. I think it's my favorite smell ever. I wish I could bottle it up to remember when it's gone.


Anonymous said...

I so get the smell, it's pure comfort!! Wow, Ton is really letting the lawn go with the big pool this year, eh? Been forever again! Chat soon

Anonymous said...

Love the photo of them in the pool - I agree, soon you won't have any lawn space left. Can't relate to Tag's cute little head smell but I hope he lets me smell it when I get there;-) not long now!! Leni