Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A good dose of Daddy

It's no news that Tony has been away a lot with a crazy work schedule lately. So any time with Dad is special and the kids love it when he walks through the door, especially if he makes it for dinner.
Last night was one of those nights and somehow it ended up in an all-out wrestle mania.Sometimes it all becomes a bit too much for TaggartAgain, he is standing beside watching and crying. The funny thing was that his crying lasted about 5 seconds at a time and then he jumped right on top of the pile again.See...Tag's back in, but that scream coming out of Reagan's mouth here was something out of a horror film. She doesn't handle tickling very well.

They thought they looked tougher with their shirts off. Ha!Tag wanted to be tough too.They ended it all with a good dose of 'pink-belly' for Cooper. Tony holds his arms while everyone slaps his belly until it's pink. He took it like a man.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad I only have to look at the photos and not get on the pile!! Love, Leni