Wednesday, April 23, 2008

After being in a major creative rut for what seemed like forever, I'm finally back. I have spent hours at my desk this week and I am loving it again. Loving it so much that it's hard to think of anything else but the next time I can get to it. This is a good thing becuase of the real enjoyment I get from playing and creating but there is also a downside. The fridge gets empty, the floor gets dirty and the laundry needs folding. All these things are a sure sign that my scrapbooking obsession has kicked in at full force. It's okay, I tell myself, because tomorrow is another day and the kids won't starve and they won't go to school in dirty clothes and I am happy. And I heard somewhere that a happy Mom means a happy home. So I will continue to make stuff at my desk and the dirty floor will possibly wait until my next creative block.

My latest layout - Reagan's birthday last year. Can't believe she's almost ready to have another one.
On another note, we finished another set of swimming lessons today. Taggart has finally graduated from Seat Turtle to Salamander. I had to bribe him to jump into the pool without holding the teacher's hands but he did it. The other three need to work on their front crawl before they can move on. We have now done 6 weeks in a row and the big boys feel they need a break but the little ones want to keep going so we will try and do it when the big boys are in school.

Roller hockey has started and the boys love it. Cooper scored the first goal of the first game and needless to say was very proud. Me too. Hudson loves it too but is a little less agressive than Cooper therefore no points yet. Sometimes I feel bad for Hudson because he is always trying to keep up with Cooper - hockey, swimming, etc. It's a tough place to be for him but he handles it pretty well.

Friday Tony and I are heading for a romantic weekend away. Words can hardly describe how much we both need this. I am helping Hudson count down the hours until his (and Cooper's) weekend starts with Nana but really I am counting down for myself. Thanks to Nana for having the bigs and Uncle John and Aunty Christine for having the littles. Love and appreciate you guys.
Off to watch American Idol - go Brooke!

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Anonymous said...

That looks like a great creation for Reagan and how she will appreciate to be able to look back at these when she is older. Enjoy your weekend away with Tony - it sounds nice! Love, Leni