Saturday, April 19, 2008

Friday adventure

We woke up to snow today. I checked the calendar...yes, it is Apil 18th.
We had no school to rush off to so it meant watching some TV in our pajamas and having a late breakfast.
Then the sun broke through and I figured let's get outside before the snow hits again.
We have a great little old fashioned candystore/tea shop about a 20 minute walk away. We hardly ever go there, I don't know why, we just don't. So when I suggested we take a walk down there this afternoon I recieved a very excited response from everyone.
We had a great time walking there.
Hudson was always way up ahead (so typical of him). Reagan alternated by running to catch up with Hudson and then hanging back with me. Cooper mostly brought up the rear and chatted to me about all his latest obsessions (currently Indiana Jones and Star Wars Lego). Taggart laid low in the stroller.
We're almost there.
Cooper being a 'dude'. Love this shot.

Then...Hudson was the first to go around the corner and as he turned around his face immediately told the story. CLOSED.

Big disappointment. For Reagan, this is the third time in a row that she has walked there on a "normally should be open" day and they are closed. I know, I should have called first. I felt so bad. Poor guys - Reagan definitely took it the hardest.

We stood there for a while and they all looked in the windows and salivated over the giant suckers and other yummy treats they could see. But eventually we did the only thing we could do - make the not so fun journey home. Reagan cried for the first half and complained about how 'freezing' she was the second half (funny how she never felt the cold on the way there). The boys were brave and we all discussed how we could still make the day "special", to quote Hudson.

We decided on ice cream floats and that seemed to appeal to everyone. Smile all around.

As I was taking pictures at the closed candy store, Cooper asked me why I was taking pictures of Reagan crying. "It's part of the story" I said. "What story?" he asked me. I can't remember if I actually answered him or if our conversation was interrupted as so many are. One day he will realize that all these little adventures make up his story and I hope he knows how blessed I felt to be a part of them.


Anonymous said...

Stupid store - I'd cry too if they just were closed for no reason!! Great photos, Love Leni

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