Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm on my way

Haven't been blogging...or scrapbooking...or feeling much like doing any more than what I need to make it through the day. I can blame it on the fact that Tony hasn't been home much because of crazy work load or on the fact that it is mid April and I still feel like I want to wear my winter coat. Whatever the cause, I have been trying to find my groove again. Last night I unloaded on Tony a bit about feeling a bit like a robot of a mom - going through the motions but little else.

Maybe getting it off my chest is what I needed (and that he reminded me that sometimes we can be too hard on ourselves) but today I finally feel like I'm on my way.

Taggart and I broke out the paints and made a mess (wouldn't have done it yesterday).

I created at my table and it felt good (yesterday it felt forced).

Today I felt like the Mom I want to be (yesterday I didn't).

Today Tag and I danced to "I'm on my Way" by the Proclaimers while watching Shrek this morning(a new favorite of his). It's corny I know but hey, whatever it takes right?!

scroll down to the very bottom to hear the song on my playlist

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Anonymous said...

Oh Heidykins, you know how much I love you? Leni