Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tag and my mom

Tonight Mom and Dad came for dinner. We hadn't planned on it but Dad phoned around 5:00and Mom had just made grapefruit platz (my fave) and they would like to come by and bring us some. I had just heard from Tony and he was staying late at work again so there was plenty of dinner to share. I asked for them to join us and they did.
Tag is always so excited to see his Oma. He had just asked me this morning if he could 'play' with Oma today and his wish came true. Playing 'house' is Tag's favorite thing to do and Oma is always willing. I know that after she leaves she is exhausted because his energy wears her out. But it is a good kind of exhausted. Mom's face is really filled with genuine joy when her and Tag play. I am so thankful that she has Tag and that Tag has her.

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Anonymous said...

Grapefruit platz is my fave too. What a nice photo of Tag and Mom - talked to Dad last night and he mentioned too how much Mom enjoyed her time with Tag - good for two of our fave people in the world. Love, Leni