Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Sometimes, things come at just the right time.

After a few weeks of feeling crappy due to something called ITP (low platelets in my blood), I am now just starting to feel back to myself. And as the tests show my platelets are back on the rise.

After way too long of wearing way too many layers, I heard today that we are expecting 19* weather this weekend. That is music to my ears.

Tonight as we all sat around the kitchen table doing a varied number of activites the sun was shining brightly in our kitchen window and then the rain began to pour down.

"There's probably a rainbow somewhere" i said. But we stayed inour chairs and carried on.

A few minutes later, Tag whispered to me, "I want to go find the rainbow"

So I scooped him up and opened the front door and this is what we saw. The best one I've ever seen.
Sometimes, things come at just the right time. Brighter days are coming.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Tag, how lucky are you to have reminded your Mom and you could all see. I love rainbows above any other natural weather thing and that looks like the best ever. See you soon Tag and I want to see a smile as big as that rainbow. Love Auntie Leni