Wednesday, August 13, 2008

15 years

Fifteen years ago we got married.

How can it feel like just yesterday and forever ago in the same moment?

The bottom line is that we are partners, we are supporters, we are friends, we are in this thing together.

This thing is exactly what got me reminiscing today (I am definitely the reminiscing type) as we spent our 15th anniversary at the waterslides with the kids. Exactly what I wanted to do, by the way. As I watched all four kids running toward us at one point I couldn't help but think about where we were way back then and where we are today. How did this become us? How did so much happen and evolve in such a short time? What I came up with? - we are blessed.

We had a great time at the slides and when we got home with 4 hungry, tired children my husband said 'I'll take care of this, you go visit with your sister'. I am blessed.

Thank you. Love you. Here's to 15 more.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you too Tony and love you for letting me spend precious time with Heidy. Love, Leni