Thursday, August 14, 2008

A glimmer of hope...

After what seems to have been endless bickering, teasing, whining, pushing, and just generally getting on eachothers nerves (as well as mine) today was a good day. They got out things to play with and actually played together and had fun.

I sent them to clean their room and they did it together eventhough Cooper says he did most of the work and Hudson did hardle anything. I told him that he should have just done his share and then left Hudson with the rest. His response: "I know but I didn't want him stuck in there cause I needed him to play with." Music to a mother's ears. There's hope for those two, I know there is. And because of the good behaviour they got their GameGoys back which I had confiscated quite some time ago because of bad behaviour.

Random Cooper Quote: (upon discovering the date today) "Summer vacation is slipping though my hands like grains of sand."

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