Monday, August 11, 2008

Could I get a little more summer over here, please?

Seriously, I feel like I took a nap and missed July. How could it already be August and we hadn't been to the beach yet? So Thursday I packed up the kids and a cooler and we headed to White Rock. I am just starting to do these 'day-trips' on my own, without Tony, lately. It is getting easier as they get older. Eventhough I wasn't sure how I was going to manage when somebody had to go to the bathroom or even carrying everything from the car to the beach we did it. We did it and we did it well. We had so much fun. The weather was perfect and so was the water.
Cooper found this big long seaweed thing that very closely resembled a whip, so he was Indiana Jones for a while. Reagan and Tag started this little game just as it was time to go. Why do they always seem to have the most fun when it's time to leave?
I thought Tony might meet us there for dinner but when I realized that he would be working late I figured we would just head home for dinner. But the kids would have none of that. "We can't come to White Rock and not have fish-n-chips", they all screamed. So we packed up our beach stuff back into the truck (which is much more of a task than in the van) and headed down to Moby Dick's (our fave). Parking was horribel and it took us a couple of drive-by's to find a spot and it was a little hike away but the kids were willing to walk. There was a line-up and we had to wait about 20 minutes for our food but the kids were willing to wait. So finally we got our cardboard box of hot, greasy, delicious food and headed back across the road to the beach to eat our dinner on the grass. And just as we were finishing Tony showed up to eat the leftovers and have some ice cream with us.(No photos of this last part because the camera stayed in the truck)
And in keeping with the fact that summer is over halfway through and we still have some things to check off on our summer 'to-do' list we headed to Seattle this weekend. We all added one or two things to the list at the beginning to the summer and the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle was one of Tony's picks. Since the weather was supposed to be better on Sunday than Saturday we did the outlet mall on Saturday. About 9 hours of shopping later we headed to our hotel for some takeout pizza and sleep. The kids were troopers and we got some good deals on back to school stuff. The zoo was great and we closed it down at 6:00. After some dinner at Red Robin's off the I-5 we made it home at around 10:30 with four very exhausted kiddos (and 2 very exhausted parents). We all slept in this morning (sorry, Tony).


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