Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Adventures, family, and oatmeal

Firstly, I have to post about an adventure the boys had a few day ago. Cooper keeps asking me "Have you put that on the blog yet, Mom?" So now I can answer "yes".

Thursday we spent the morning running errands and Hudson asked me if we could stop off at Rexall to see if they had the Toucan Webkinz so he could purchase it. Even though our house is actually becoming over-run with these stuffed creatures, I pulled in to the parking lot against my better judgement. To my relief, they had the Toucan and Hudson could make his purchase. Bu for some strange reason, he now couldn't decide if this is actually what he wanted to spend his hard-earned $ on. After some prodding I realized that the Blue Jay is set to be released and he was torn between the two birds. We left the store without the toucan and headed off to do our errands. On the way, he talked me into making another stop at a 'Webkinz dealer' to check if they by chance already had the BlueJay. Nope, but they also had the Toucan. But again we leave empty-handed.

Later that day Hudson, now realizing that he would rather have a bird now than a bird later, asks me to take him back to Rexall to get the Toucan. I really felt that I had done enough Webkinz hunting for one day so my answer was no. Rexall is really not that far away so I sarcastically said "Go up there and get it yourself."

"Really? Can we?" very excitedly, two boys are telling me that they could ride their bikes there. Hesitantly I agree and the buzz begins. They are flying around the house, getting their wallets, water bottles and a couple bucks from me to buy a slushie. Even though I was nervous for them to go on this adventure for the first time -first time on their bikes that far without an adult, first time making a purchase in a store by themselves, first time in 7/11 trying to fill up their own slushie cups - I was reassured by their camaraderie, the togetherness as they headed out together with only themselves.

They made it back in one piece, with smiles on their faces, arm in arm with bigger slushies than I ever would have allowed if I would have been there. They felt proud and happy and so did I.

Some great family time this Sunday for a BBQ at John and Christine's. My sweet sis is here and there's nothing else I can say about that. Love, love spending time with her.

Reagan got to be there as well, despite the chicken pox. She had a great time with Evie. She took the place of Tag in our foursome as he was having some quality Nana time.

Finally, the update on Reagan. She is very, very spotty. Not too itchy yet but I fear that stage is yet to come. She is a real trooper and complains very little. Lots of oatmeal baths, popsicles and movies.


olivia said...

i love you reagan! i miss everybody! i can't wait to see you guys in osoyoos.

Anonymous said...


How very brave of you to let the boys go, that is huge!!! I was scared for them as I was reading it, but what a great thing for them to be so independent!!! Way to go boys!!!!

Auntie Christine

mary said...

Nerves of steel - that's what you have, Heidy. PLEASE don't tell me these things - you know what I'm like!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hang in there Reagan, the itchiness will go away soon.
Love Aunty Mary

Anonymous said...

Cooper told me all about their little independent adventure and he was so proud of both Hudson and himself. Well done Heidy for letting them do this - I know you would have been happy to see their happy faces back safe and sound - regardless of the huge slurpies. Miss you, Leni