Thursday, August 28, 2008

Where do I start?

I always seem to put off blogging when I have so much to say that I don't know how much detail to go into about all that has happened. But since the kids all are in bed at a decent hour and Tony is once again working late I will put off no more.
I must start with our week at the lake in Osoyoos. Here it is in short point form followed by my favorite photos of the week (very tough to narrow them down).

1. The place we rented was great - better than I imagined.

2. The weather was a little disappointing - much more rain and low temperatures than are normal for that area in August.

3. We had a choice of the lake or a pool to swim in - the pool was usually the first choice as it was heated.

4. Some great bonding time for the kids. A whole week together with their big cousins, for my kids, was bliss.

5. Nice to watch Tony have some real fun with the kids and be relaxed after being so busy with work lately. It took him a few days to get into vacation mode so for that reason I would have liked to stay another week.

6. My sister joined us on Wednesday, along with Nana. So nice to have some extra time with her. Some one to share a bottle of wine with and some good conversations that I wish could have lasted longer but I'm grateful for our time.

7. Lots of great Okanagan peaches. :)

8. Taggart turned into a fish - swimming more than I've ever seen. Wish I could have video-taped his 'caterpillar' swim. Face in, hands to his side, and the funniest up and down motion that seemed to propell him through the water.

9. Late night poker games with Tony and the kids and loads of candy.

10. While Cooper and Hudson were off with Jake, and Reagan was with Rochelle and Olivia, I got to spend some time with Tag and watching him happy playing on his own in the sand was a delight.

11. To wrap it up Cooper's words. I asked him what a highlight of the week was for him and his answer: "Just everyone being there - nobody off somewhere else, Daddy not gone at work, just everyone right there close together." Perfectly sums it up, I think.

Tuesday Leni flew home. Her flight was not until midnight so we made the most of the day by leaving for Vancouver early to do some shopping, hang out and just generally spend a last day together. We ended the day at Rudy and Tina's for a great dinner (nice to visit with Emily and Anita & Jordan as well) before she had to head off to the airport. I missed her the second I said goodbye and the drive back home was sad and lonely. And at the risk of sounding even more sappy, my sister is the one person in the world who I can be completely honest with and I never feel one ounce of judgement. Thank you Leni. I love her dearly and count the days when we can continue our conversations and share another bottle of wine.


mary said...

I love all the photos Heidy, but I have to say the one of Tag reading Harry Potter upside down just makes me laugh.
It was such a fun week. I hope we can do something like that again.

Anonymous said...

I love you too and miss you terribly Heidykins and thank you for a great last day!! I loved spending the time with you guys in Osoyoos - it helped me experience first hand the wonderful chaos in your life!! I am already looking forward to the next visit and a nice glass of red or two!! Love you all, Leni