Saturday, October 10, 2009

Even Spiderman needs his sleep

A few hours earlier.....
The Fort Langley Cranberry Festival.

We met Mary, Jake and Rochelle and spent a good part of the day here.The weather was perfect. There were a ton of people and lots to see.
Big, big pimpkins.
A candy store - she is just about to devour that big gummy bug.
The cranberry bog. I bought a pound of fresh cranberries that will be turned into muffins are some other treat tomorrow.
And face painting.
Since Cooper and Hudson spent most of their day wandering around with Jake, they didn't make it into the camera lens much.

It was all enough to make even a superhero conk out in the backseat.


Mary said...

I fell asleep when i got home too, Taggart!!!
It was a great day everyone.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like such a fun day and full of little (sort of creepy Reagan) treats! Would love to taste the cranberry muffins that I just know you are going to make and if heroes never slept, they could not be heroes, that's my take on it... Leni