Monday, October 5, 2009

Who let the dogs out

My attempt at clearing things off my to-do list started with Tag's Birthday party this Saturday. Yes, I know that his birthday was actually in August but having his party well after the fact just stretches out the fun, don't you think.

So anyway, 6 of his little friends (5 girls and one boy) showed up on Saturday afternoon for a couple hours of doggy heaven. We had doggy cupcakes, made dog tags, painted doggy faces, played find the dogbone and feed the doggy games, and last but not least, a doggy pinata.This little doggy had a great time.

And then, since I was tackling my to-do list, we finally took 'first day of school' photos. The kids were all so eager to get to school, to meet their new teachers, see their friends. Just look at those bright shiny faces. Okay, okay, - but really they were all very good sports about getting spiffied up and wearing their backpacks on a Sunday morning.Thank-you to four (fairly) willing and very lovely subjects. We just couldn't have a school year without these.


Mary said...

Your first day of school photos are great- they all look good.
That dog face painting is so funny. The tongue sticking out of the mouth just makes you keep looking and then look again. Glad it was a fun day.

Sonya said...

LOVE the dog themed party! So cute.

The first day of school pics turned out great. It's probably better to do them on a weekend anyway as opposed to a very busy actual first day.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...who did let the dogs out on a dogday afternoon? Love the faces!! Leni