Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Stupid Health Program"

I just got back from picking Reagan up at school. I went to Hudson's class to pick up his homework for the weekend and also his hot lunch which was served today and I had already paid for.

He sat down to eat it as soon as I got home.

A juice box

Carrot sticks and dip

2 donut holes

A hot dog on a whole wheat bun

Now some kids might complain about a whole wheat hot dog bun but I knew that Hudson wouldn't mind because he quite likes whole wheat.

He unwraps the hot dog and immediately says:

"Why is my hot dog on this?"

I say: "I don't know buddy, I guess because it's better for you."

"Stupid health program." and then proceeds to polish it off.

It just really made me laugh and I thought it was worthy of a post. I guess when you're already sick, getting a whole wheat hot dog bun is just too much.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you blogged that - how funny. I guess you are not all healthy yet, despite the health program! Mark & I were both sick too - some stomach bug is going around Sydney but we seem to both be better, ready to go to work on Monday morning, yeah! Leni