Thursday, October 1, 2009

Girls night

Some friends and I went to the Jason Mraz concert last night and had a great time. A girls night out was much needed and we even had a limo rented for the event. A little more costly but it sure was nice not having to worry about traffic. We all enjoyed appy's and mojitos on the ride down.
These are my beautiful neighbors/friends Stephanie, (me), Janie and Jackie. Tanya had to cancel at the last minute so we quickly invited my lovely friend Mindy who pulled off getting ready and finding a place for her two kids in about ten minutes. We picked her up later so unfortunately she didn't make it into the photo.

The concert was fantastic and we had a lot of fun. Our tickets were on the floor, which gave us all a good laugh as the 'floor crowd' is a lot younger than those in the seats. We all felt very old but didn't let that damper our spirits. Being on the floor where everyone is pushing and shoving for space is a really great place to discover your mean streak, something I probably would have been much more afraid of when I was younger. The five of us held our ground well, even though it did take a bit of elbow jabbing.

While I was out grooving with the girls, life still goes on at home. Tony came home early to take care of things for me. He got the kids from school, got them their snacks, got Reagan to skipping, went to watch Cooper's cross country race (he beat his time by 20 seconds and moved up 20 places -wish I could have been there), went and picked up Hudson's buddy Duncan so Mindy (his Mom) could come with us, got them all dinner and happily put them to bed. Thanks Tony, I appreciate it.

FPOTM - September - coming later today.
Happy October!!


Anonymous said...

You go girls!! Nothing like a good girls night out. I am going up to the Blue Mountains in November with the girls and totally looking forward to it! Leni

Sonya said...

Now that's how to do a girls night!

mary said...

Glad it all worked out and you had such a great time.