Thursday, October 22, 2009

For Today : October 21st

Outside my window... lots of the red and yellow leaves have fallen off the branches and have been raked into a pile - perfect for jumping.

I am thinking... how no fun it is to be sick or to have sick kids. Lots of germs in our house this week.

I am thankful for...the fact that Reagan is still healthy and seems to be staying that way. She has a very busy weekend, none of which she will want to miss. I am thankful for good friends who are there to help or just talk when you need it. I am thankful that it is not raining today and we could walk to school without umbrellas. I am thankful that tomorrow is a Pro-D day so that we have a 3-day weekend to get healthy.

From the kitchen... leftover enchiladas and leftover split pea soup, from earlier in the week. And lots of jonagold apples, straight from the farm.

I am wearing... jeans, a navy t-shirt, a tan cardigan and my pink slippers - always my slippers.

I am creating... some BOOing bags for our neighbors. We got BOOed last night and now we have to pass on the love. I am new to this BOOing thing but after checking on the web, apparently it has become quite the new thing. Lots of fun for the kids. I also plan on sitting at my table some today to finish a layout I was working on.

I am going... nowhere today. Except to pick up kids at school. Yesterday I spent most of the day running around doing errands and Cooper wasn't too happy with me for leaving him alone while he was sick. So today I promised him I would be home for the day.

I am reading... The Girl From Junchow. The second book to The Russian Concubine. Really enjoyed both of these books.

I am hoping... that everyone is healthy by the end of the weekend. This is becoming a theme here but this is really on my mind today, especially with all the talk about H1N1 flu.

I am hearing... lots of sneezes coming from Cooper who is lying on the couch. Otherwise it is quiet. Both of the boys have now turned of the TV - after a whole day of it yesterday they are tired of it.

Around the house... there is laundry. Waiting to be put away, waiting to be folded, waited to be washed. Always.

One of my favorite things... having time to scrapbook. More of that lately as school is in full

A few plans for the rest of the week... two birthday parties for Taggart, two parties for Reagan, and a weekend full of skipping camp for Reagan. Maybe, the BC Women's show on Saturday with a friend if all is well.

A picture to share...

This smiling face is something I see so much of. Reagan just seems to be a perpetually happy soul. She is so cool.


Anonymous said...

You sound a bit down today Heidykins with lots of sickies! I hope you are all well by the weekend. Love the photo of Reagan on the tree with such great colours - we don't get that here. I am wearing jeans, white singlet with a colourful cardigan and birkenstocks - we have casual day at work on Fridays which I love!! Miss you, Leni

Adrienne said...

Great post..sorry to hear about being sick. Love the pic of Reagan, Faith says, "is she really that big now?" We are enjoying abunch of hand me downs from you, just pulled out a bag, cute boots, sneakers, jeans etc...

Thank you thank you
Enjoy your 3 day!