Sunday, March 8, 2009

Birthday, birthday, and more birthday

Just finished up a busy, delightful, full four-day(sort of) weekend. Thursday was my birthday and Friday was Hudson's so Tony took both days off. The easiest way, like always, is to give an overview with photos. So here it goes:
We all walked the kids to school in the morning and then Tony encouraged me to take off for a while. For someone who doesn't usually just take off on a whim with no real purpose for the trip I wasn't sure what to do. But the thought of having a few hours to do whatever I wanted was very appealing so I set off. I spent a few hours in Fort Langley, browsing the antique shops and the book store and then since the day was still young I headed into downtown Langley and went to Old Navy and did some shopping for the kids. I got home just around the same time that the kids got home from school feeling very relaxed and ready for my afternoon and evening. They spoiled me with handmade cards, flowers and gifts... and lots of hugs and kisses. :)

Here's my loot. A new camera bag, tulips (my fave), a bunch of gourmet treats from Urban Fare, a bottle of wine and a gift card from Lululemon. Like I said, I was spoiled.Then we headed to Milestones for dinner. We haven't gone out for my birthday dinner for a long time. With the kids being little it was always easier to stay home and we would usually get take out. But this year we decided to go out and it was very successful. Everyone enjoyed their meal and it was a great time. And I got a birthday bellini. :)

The day ended with dessert at home. Chocolate cheesecake. What more could a girl ask for?FRIDAY:

Hudson started his day with breakfast at IHOP with Tony. Then he stopped off at home for a quick video game and to pick up his cupcakes to take to class and only ended up being about 45 min. late for school. After school he was greeted by his gifts set out on the table. Taggart stayed close by his side the whole time asking him at every gift if he could please help him open it. Hudson was very obliging.

His birthday dinner of choice was an easy one - homemade waffles with vanilla pudding and strawberry sauce. (He would eat this every day if given the choice.) And banana splits for dessert. A great day for Hudson. He said it was his best birthday ever and I would have to agree. Hudson has tended to get overwhelmed on his birthday in the past - too much excitement. But not this year - that smile was on his face just about all day long. SATURDAY:

Mary and kids (minus Olivia - we missed you) came for the afternoon and evening to celebrate with Hudson. He loves the new Olympics shirt - he wore it again all day today. And he also announced the time to us on many more than one occasion. The new watch is a big hit - thankyou.

And this photo is for Aunty Mary. Thought you would be proud of Taggart that he was very happy to share his new coloring things with Reagan today. (The face doesn't show happy but he was...really).

And as promised - an 'after' photo of the map of BC. Not that I wasn't happy to see it but you would think for all that work making that playdough they could have at least displayed them at school for a while. Nope, they came home the next day.

Now on to Spring Break - two whole weeks. Yikes. We are hoping for bright sunny weather because the park is calling our name. Wish me luck.


mary said...

I love all your photos. It seems like both you and Hudson had great birthdays this year. It was really fun to come out on Saturday. I'm glad Hudson likes the gifts. So Taggart finally broke down and shared with Reagan, whew! I don't know about Taggart being happy - but Reagan certainly looks it!
Hope you aren't waking up to what we are - snow, snow, snow!

Sonya said...

What a terrific weekend of celebrating! You certainly got it should be. :)

Anonymous said...

I finally found the lululemon store in Sydney but no fun without you so bought nada. I am happy you enjoyed your birthdays, both you and Hudson look great!! POTM? good choice:)) Leni

Adrienne said...

Happy Belated My Friend!! Sorry I forgot!! Looks like you had a great day!!