Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend project

We got Cooper and Hudson a basketball hoop for their birthdays and this weekend the project of getting it up got started. Friday afternoon, Tony got home early and the weather was still good so the digging began.
A 2 feet-deep hole takes quite a bit of time to dig, especially considering the ground around our place tends to be more rocks than soil. But there were a lot of shovels in that whole, so many in fact that at times Tony took to being just supervisor. Looks a bit to me like child labour, I'm just saying...
Notice her tongue is out again.
Finally, it's deep enough....for Taggart.
Hudson is MIA in all these photos because he was feeling very under the weather. He hung with my in my perch of the back of the truck with back door wide open and the music on. Joshua Radin is making me very happy right now and I have been playing him over and over again. Waiting for the kids to kindly tell me to turn it off in the very near future.
Saturday was concrete pouring day but it poured with rain most of the day, much to Cooper's disamy. He is more than anxious to get this thing up. Sunday the day started promising so Tony and Coop went out to mix the concrete. Unfortunately the rain didn't hold off but now the job had been started so it had to be finished. You can't see it in the photos really, but there is actually snow mixed into that rain. It was cccccooooolllld out there. But the boys were not deterred and the pole was set. Not sure how long it's going to take to dry in this wet weather but we are on our way.

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Anonymous said...

fpotm is Hudson in the last photo - for me it looks like he wants to not smile but is just not making it. I love the way everyone is giving the digging a good go - it is not easy. Marki always says that concrete 'cures' better in the wet. Look forward to seeing the finished product! Leni