Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's up!

And they are thrilled. Happy Birthday boys!
Spring Break is over and we are all back to where we should be. Cooper and I just realized that this is his last term in elementary school. So crazy. zoom - time goes so fast.
Actually, Tag still has one more week of Spring Break so he and I are hanging out this week. Trying hard to keep the TV off as much as possible during the day, he was starting to get into a bit of a lazy habit of wanting to do nothing but. His imagination really is so good and it starts to disappear when he stares at that screen. Lately he has taken on the role of family pet. Walking around on all fours, barking, wanting to be called Bolt and even drinking out of a doggy dish. It's actually quite funny. Since the kids had been asking for a puppy lately I figured this is even better. He's toilet-trained.
Have gotten into a de-cluttering, spring cleaning, organizing kind of mode this week. I started yesterday with my bedroom closet. Big, BIG, job. I've been at it for two days now and I'm still not done. Almost though. With a trip to MCC tomorrow to get rid of the 3+ garbage bags of stuff I hauled out of there, I should be just about ready to move on to the next task. I think it will be Tag's dresser. I can hardly close the drawers. Too many hand-me-downs from big brothers and too much too-small stuff stuffed at the bottom. It's always amazing how good it feels to open a freshly organized closet or cupboard door. Refreshing. A cluttered house really is a cluttered mind. My mind had been feeling awfully cluttered lately. Time to dust away the cobwebs.

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Anonymous said...

Bolt?? any reason behind the name? Very funny.
You are right, it is very good to unclutter mind and closets - I heard a whole sermon on that once. Love you, Leni