Thursday, March 12, 2009

A winter picnic

I wished for sun this week and so far I've got it. Monday and Tuesday though, the wind was so icy cold that being outside for more than a minute sent me running for the door. Yesterday the wind went away and we actually felt the warmth of the sun on our skin. Enough so, that we had a picnic lunch and didn't head in again until dinner time. Some might have said that we were crazy to have a picnic on the grass in 7 or 8 degree weather but 'outside-crazy' is better than 'inside-crazy' any day.

And for the first time this year I saw this familiar scene out my kitchen window as I did the dinner dishes. Kids playing, Dad's chatting and the house is quiet. Welcome spring, I've been waiting for you.


mary said...

Wow - we still have snow on the ground and Nik is going crazy because the golf course is closed! Lucky you guys! Have fun, whatever you do today.

Anonymous said...

Spring is the best season anywhere - even here where you are looking forward to 30 - 40 degree summers, so enjoy!! Love, Leni