Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Daddy to the rescue

I'm not too sure who Tony was trying to save this afternoon. Me from the kids or the kids from me. I guess that all this togetherness we've been experiencing heading into our second week of the 'official' lousiest weather ever Spring Break was wearing on us a little. And Tony noticed. So today he came home early to surprise us all, only the problem was we weren't here. I needed I took the kids to Chapters in Langley for a leisurely browse and the possibility of coming home with a few books. Which we did. We browsed, and browsed,....and browsed...some (hudson) have a much (hudson) harder time choosing (hudson) than others.
When we got home around 4:30, Tony had had a chance to relax a little (I think) and he whipped us up what we like to call a 'snacky' dinner. A little of this and a little of that. And he was even up for a couple more episodes of Little House on the Prairie. Thank you Mary for the entertainment you have provided to us this week. We all watch and enjoy, even though a couple of us wouldn't ever admit it.
He also picked up the camera to capture this moment between Reagan and me sharing some laughs, some chocolate and some love. Love it when he picks up the camera. Realizing this week again what a blessing this dear girl is to our family. I have said from the earliest days with her that she is often a saving grace in this house and she continues to be that for me. A whole blog post really needs to be devoted to this - more soon.


mary said...

Glad 'all' of you are enjoying Little House on the Prarie. What a great show. Nice to see a picture of you and Reagan together. You need to start the tradition of a girls night! It may only be once a year, but it's something to look forward to, (and it takes more planning than you think to make sure the rest of the family is occupied for 24 hours!)

Sonya said...

I hear you about needing to get a break. Our girls only have one week of Spring Break, but due to the fact that some of us have been sick during the week, it feels like the longest Spring Break ever! I'm planning to get out of the house by myself today. :)

I wish my hubby would pick up the camera sometimes. There are very few pictures of me. Of course, the girls are old enough to take pictures, but they don't understand the importance of taking flattering shots of Mom. ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the photo of you and Reagan!! That is some genuine smiling going on! I agree with Mary, you should start a girls night, maybe we can start one when I come home and you, Reagan, me & Oma can go somewhere - just a thought:)) Leni