Friday, July 10, 2009

Back up to full strength

Picked Hudson up at camp tonight so we are back operating at full numbers again. It always amazes me that just one person being gone makes a real difference in the house.

Hudson ran up to meet the car as we pulled in to camp tonight, with a big smile on his face. Tony said, just before we left, how he was so looking forward to that huge grin we knew we were going to get when he saw us, and he didn't fail to deliver. He was exhausted, of course, but really chatty about all the things they did and what they had to eat. Seems like he had a better experience than last year which I was really happy about. He originally wasn't even sure if he wanted to go this year so I'm glad that his decision to go paid off for him.
These two missed him the most I think. They really wanted to be in the picture and I had a hard time getting the one of Hudson on his own. They look happy here but what you don't see is that just seconds before Taggart is screaming because he thinks he can't be in the photo, Reagan is being hit with a stick (by Tag) that he found and is now the best stick in the world and has to come home with us, and Cooper is sitting in a tree beside me shaking the branches so violently that leaves are falling all over me as I try to get Hudson to stand beside the Cedar sign for a photo. They say a picture says a thousand words, but trust me , there are many words left unsaid in our photos taken of smiling children.
Anyway, we are happy to have Hudson home again.

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Anonymous said...

We know that the photos don't always show the true picture of what't is happening around but they make us smile and they create memories!! Love, Leni