Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend in review

Lots of fun stuff happening around here the last few days. So, as I have done many times before, the easiest way to update is with photos. Here goes:
Edit: I don't know why the font size in some of this post is showing up so huge. It won't let me change it. I know it seems like I am yelling but really I'm not.

We drove into Vancouver to spend the afternoon and evening there with Tony. Taggart had been at Mary's since the night before and we were also picking him up. Me driving downtown isn't a common occurrence so Tony knows that I can always use a little help. Well, he really out did himself this them as he had a bird's eye view of me driving thru the city and easily guided me to where I wanted to be. Somehow he timed it just right to be on top of his building (I really like how we call it his building), the Shangri-La, just as we were driving. The funniest thing is that we were able to look up, way, way up, and see him standing at the very top looking down on us. The kids thought it was pretty great.
So after we parked we walked over to Chapters to meet Mary and Rochelle with Taggart. After we said goodbye to them we hung out there in the kids dept. a bit longer before heading over to find Tony. From there we drove into Stanley Park to play, have a picnic and play some more. My peepsThe water was coooold.Not a very good photo but I still love it because all the smiles are real and that's hard to get.
Throughout the evening Reagan had it in her head that we would be going back downtown later to get a cupcake. We passed the shop earlier in the day and she was determined to make up for a mistake she had made a few summers ago. (We visited the beautiful shop full of cupcakes and Reagan was too overwhelmed to make a choice and ended up choosing nothing). Tony said no way, it was too late, but then proceeded to drive out of Stanley Park and pass right by the shop. I was following him in my truck and Reagan was yelling at me to stop, stop, but I of couse kept going - following Tony. Reagan is now very mad at me and not speaking to me. Tony then proceeds to drive right back into downtown and we find a parking space ($10 - Ouch!), almost run to the cupcake shop (it's 8:50 and we think it closes at 9) and spend $16 on cupcakes (another ouch). But...Reagan has a lovely cupcake with pink frosting and Daddy is once again the hero. Oh ya, and Reagan is no longer mad at me - bonus :)


We had a seriously crazy thunder and lightning storm that lasted hours. Pretty rare for our neck of the woods. The air was thick and humid - felt very tropical. The kids (minus Hudson) thought it would be fun to swim in it.Sunday
Don't mess with a man and his lawn.Watering restrictions are pretty tight right now - no sprinkling your lawn at all. But nobody said anything about watering your kids.Monday

Cooper's at camp this week and Reagan went to the waterslides with a friend so I was down to two. Since the temperature was meant to hit 35* we headed to the lake (Cultus Lake). What a strange feeling to be only the three of us. Fun day.


Sonya said...

I just love how much you do together as a family. Very cool!

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of Reagan and Tony with the cupcake but the one of Taggart yelling is priceless, everyone in the office had a giggle and the one with Tony from the back with a hose...hmmm, a bit sus. Love you, Leni