Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

The boys talked me into taking them to the parade. They didn't really have to talk that hard, as I actually quite like that kind of thing. Tony on the other hand, would rather do just about anything else. So since Reagan had her skipping camp all morning he stayed home so he could pick her up.
Just me and my three little Canadian boys.
We got there almost an hour early, to get a good seat of course. But since we were right in front of the Tim Horton's the big boys went in to buy donuts while Tag and I waited...and waited...and waited. (Taggart kept checking through the window to see how far they had gotten in line.) When they finally came out there was still 25 minutes to kill so I sent them over to Starbucks to get me a mocha. By the time they did all that and came back they still had to wait for a while for the parade to start.
More time to kill so they talked me into buying those silly little yo-yo balls. $2 and it entertained them for a while.
Time for a self taken shot. Tag loves those.Finally it started.
Two and a half hours later we headed home to have some lunch and get ready for our annual neighborhood Canada Day BBQ.
But I really just wanted to hang out and visit this year so I left the camera inside.
These little guys are the only proof that we had a party here tonight.

And if Tony wouldn't have reminded me I would have forgotten to put them out. How annoyed would I have been to find 24 little googly-eyed beavers staring at me tonight after everyone had gone home? Mad enough to eat quite a few, I'd think. Lucky for me they quickly got devoured by our guests. The whole night was a great success and the kids, as always, had such fun. Eating, running around with friends, swimming, throwing water balloons and then later in the night they usually find one house to congregate to and they all start to chill out. This year it was our house. So around 10:00 we kicked them all out, the ones that weren't ours of course, and put some tired little kiddos to bed. And speaking of bed, that's where I'm headed. Good night.

(By the way, Reagan and Hudson made it right through in the tent last night. This morning I heard them giggling in there. Apparently they started playing charades after they woke up)


Sonya said...

Fantastic pictures of your Canada Day parade. We don't have one here in Kamloops so I always have to live vicariously through my Abby friends' pictures.

Anonymous said...

Happy Canada Day!! Love the photos - is Cooper too old for face tatoos? Just noticed he did not have any on. Love the cupcakes too and congrats Hudson & Reagan for camping out all night - very brave of you!! Love you, Leni