Sunday, July 12, 2009

Things to make you smile

The gorgeous flowers that are blooming all over the backyard. Don't you think that this first photo could be framed? Tony took it.
Homemade pizza, eaten in the shade on a hot summer evening.Baking something yummy on a Sunday afternoon and enjoying it with those you love. you can find this recipe hereOut with Dad at The Keg for a rib dinner - a reward for scoring 100% on his end of the year school project (this one definitely made Cooper smile, as it was him who went). No photo of this one but Cooper more than made up for it by giving us a detailed play by play of the 3 hours they spent at the restaurant and every drink, appetizer, meal, dessert, etc. that was consumed. Those of us who know Cooper can appreciate the significance of this. No doubt, a big highlight of his summer.


Anonymous said...

Great flower photo Tony! Pizza is my favourite food - I should be there. Congratulations Cooper!! Is that the Egyptian project? Are you glad you spent all that time working on it? You did well Coop!! Love, Leni

Sonya said...

I love the little pizza picnic in the yard. Perfect! And I think I'll definitely have to give those cupcakes a try when I get home from holidays.