Friday, July 31, 2009

The youngest child Q&A

Q: Who stuck the chewed bubblegum to our front window?

A: Taggart.

Q: Who unrolled a whole roll of toilet paper and left it in a heap on the bathroom floor?

A: Taggart. (at least he had the courtesy to throw the empty roll in the garbage)

Q: Who unbuckles he seatbelt well before we've reached our destination and stands up in the vehicle, thinking it is wildly funny?

A: Taggart. (he gets in trouble every time)

Q: Who has to go to the bathroom every. single. time. he gets in the pool and then runs into the house dripping wet without even enough time to grab a towel on his way and then leaves a big puddle on the floor?

A: Taggart.

Q: Who can make us so insanley mad and make us laugh in the same breath?

A: Taggart. (thank goodness for him that he's so darn cute)

I'm blaming it on the birth order thing because....well just because I've got to blame it on something.


Had a great day in White Rock with Mary and the kids yesterday. Will post photos tomorrow.


Mary said...

He's a cutie!!!

Anonymous said...

He is lucky to be such a cutie and at least he doesn't pee in the pool - that would be bad! Love, Leni