Saturday, August 1, 2009

White Rock

Me with my three kiddos (Cooper still at camp) + Mary with her three kiddos (I'm pretty sure I can still call them that :) = a good day at the beach.

Hudson and Jake try their hand at skim boarding. Unfortunately the tide was coming in fast so they didn't have too long to perfect it.Some good quality time for Reagan with Rochelle and Olivia
Playing with trucks soon turned into collecting rocksLots of rocks. I said he could pick out his favorite five to bring home.This is him negotiating with me. He wants them all. Some ingenuity and we have a teeter-totter.Jake and Hudson heading out into the deep blue sea. Hudson's hands up in the air like that really crack me up.This was a conversation about massages, if I'm right, and who was giving one to who.
"Just a little more to the left, please."
Taggart is really putting his muscle into this one.
I know the girls ended the day much more relaxed. Thanks guys - great day!


Mary said...

It was a great day - I love your photos. I didn't even take my camera out of my bag!!!

Anonymous said...

Lucky girls!! I love those orange shorts! Love, Leni