Monday, August 31, 2009

The fresh face of five

This handsome little guy turned FIVE today. Crazy! If I let myself, I could get really sappy about how I can't believe my baby is so big and how does the time go so fast and what happened to my baby boy but I won't go there. Rather, I'll focus on the awesome day he had and that we all had with him. Just a lot of hanging out at home, in the backyard, just what he likes best I think.

A birthday hug from big sis before she pretty much disappeared for the day with her friends. She came back for meals and birthday cake.
Smacking the ball around with his new t-ball set.Time with Nana - the best.Playing with Hudson. Old toys became new again.Some sillies with mama.A good old-fashioned pile-up in the backyard.Story time.Helping Dad beat up Cooper - always a good time.Five looks great on you, little buddy. We love you lots and lots.


Mary Kelava said...

What a great birthday, Taggart. You look so happy - and you look like a five year old!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a fun birthday Taggart! I thought of you all day it looks like your day was just like I wished it for you!! Love you buddy!! Aunty Leni

Rochelle Kelava said...

Happy birthday Taggart!!

those pictures are all great!