Monday, August 17, 2009

Something I forgot

I've been told that I left out a very important part of our Lac Le Jeune weekend. I knew that I had and was planning to cover it in a second post. But when a certain person (he knows who he is) has the camera, I am left with about a thousand photos to go through, delete and edit. It takes a while.
So without further delay, the scaries part of the weekend for me by far:
Knife throwing. "Isn't that dangerous with all the kids running around?", you might ask. "YES", I say, "it is." But we did it anyway because, as I was told, that's what boys do when they are in the bush. Oh ya, and girls.

That big stick was put there by Tony as the line to stand behing when someone was throwing.
That's me trying to keep Tag behind the line.Still trying to keep him there - look like Cooper's trying to help.
Can you see that lovely look on my face - I was quite certain that Tag was going to cut off his right ear.

Who said girls can't throw knives?
Feeling very manly.Glad to say that we left the back hill with all of our fingers, toes and ears.


Anonymous said...

ugh! what a horrible past time that is! It seems only the girls were smart enough to cover their ears with a hoodie, to ensure all stayed intact! Love you, Leni

Mary said...

Tag looks way to happy to be holding that knife!