Thursday, August 6, 2009

A much needed giggle

After spending almost 3 hours waiting for our truck to be serviced at Honda today when they told us it would only be an hour and a half I was pretty much spent. The first hour and a half was spent walking down to McDonald's to have lunch and then poking around the dollar store to kill the time. The last hour was spent in the tiny waiting room of the service department with absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing, to do. Doing that by myself would have made me a little antsy, doing that with my four children was enough to....well let's just say that I was in need of a big cup of tea when I got home.

But soon after we got home we all got just what we needed to lighten the mood. There was a knock on the door. The kids ran to answer it and it was closed just as quickly. Reagan had a small package in her hand with a giant mess of a pink bow on the top. "For Cooper" she said, "from Avery". Our little five year old neighbor across the street, who apparently has a spot in her heart for Coopster. The funny thing really was the way Cooper handled it. He really thought it was cute, smiling and giggling the whole time he was opening the package (which took some time as we think Avery used a whole roll of scotch tape). "Maybe it's the Lego set I've been wanting", he said laughing. Inside the package was a little note with some scribbles and her name, an Abbotsford Hawks hockey sticker, and a tiny package of BBQ Spits. We all got a very big kick out of the whole thing but the best thing was how Cooper got right to work making her a thank you note, complete with a lollipop attached, and one for her little sister too.

Sometimes Cooper can be a real parenting challenge but what can never be disputed is his heart and his sense of humor. He's got a big one of both. No wonder Avery likes him. :)


Sonya said...

Oh my goodness! I can't imagine waiting for your vehicle for an hour with 4 kids! You deserve some sort of award for surviving it.

olivia said...

so cute! rochelle and i read this together and were talking about how much we love cooper's giggling:) tell him and everybody else i say hi. see you soon!

Anonymous said...

I totally understand why little Avery is so anamoured with Cooper - he is a charmer! Love, Leni