Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lac Le Jeune

This past weekend we spent three great days at my brothers cabin in Lac Le Jeune. When we got there on Saturday afternoon, Rudy and Tina were there to greet us. The weather was nice and warm but not hot. Not swimming in the lake weather, by my standards, but of course I still always coax the kids to get in. While my coaxing did nothing, Uncle Rudy's bribing was all they needed. $10 bucks for who ever jumped in off the end of the dock. All the boys took the bait. I think we were all a little surprised that they all did it so quickly and Rudy that he would actually have to cough up $30 bucks. Apparently they are all a little money hungry. Not Reagan though, she was quite happy to stay warm and dry. She always has the most money in her piggy bank than her brothers at any given time. She's a saver.
Hudson was the first one in.Tag was second with a cannonball.'Gimme some of that'Cooper finishes it off
Reagan thinking that getting wet and cold is not worth $10.
The rest of the day brought hanging out on the porch (my favorite), a walk in the woods to see a big tree hit by lightning, kayaking, dinner with our lovely hosts, and an attempt at fishing.
Love this shot for some reasonThe biggest 'blowy flower' everThe walk got a little long and boring for Tag - here he's trying to throw a rock at me because I won't carry him
Uncle Rudy distracted him nicely with this big stick which they both carried all the way back to the cabin. Tag was determined to take it home but we threw it behind the cabin when he wasn't looking and luckily for us he didn't notice.Got this photo thanks to Rudy - thanks for noticing my girl in the beautiful light - this is one of my fave shots of the weekendDessert on the porch.
Some Reagan and Hudson time hanging out on the dock waiting for the others to come back in the boat
She was teaching him some silly song that she learned at campSome quiet time with Dad and his iPodTime to get clean. Cooper informed me he was very thankful he wasn't part of this particular group shot.This one was taken on the drive home. We were at a stand still on the highway for about 45 minutes due to a vehicle fire. The kids just got out of the truck and literally played beside the highway.Maybe my favorite of the weekend. And on this note - Happy 16 years today to you, Tony. Happy Anniversary. I love you.


Anonymous said...

Apparently Uncle Rudy's offer has gone up! He used to offer $5 to whoever would jump into a cold lake... Looks like a great time! Naomi

Mary said...

That looks like a fun couple of days. What a great place for a get-away.
PS It's 7:18am, and all the boys are still asleep! They turned the light off at 10:30 last night.

Sonya said...

Lac Le Jeune is a beautiful place to spend time although I was sad to see so much pine beetle damage the last time we took a drive up there.

I just love that you took a picture of Tag trying to throw a rock at you. Too funny!

I know exactly which silly song Reagan is teaching Hudson. I can tell by the hand gestures. Oh, and I love that song/game. :)

And finally...Happy Anniversary!

Adrienne said...

Looks like tons of fun! Happy Anniversary you two!

olivia said...

i love all the photos, especially the ones of reagan and hudson together. see you guys tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I always miss you but these photos made me teary with homesickness. My fave photo is of Tina and Tag in the kayake and Rudy & him with the stick although they are all so good! Good on you Reagan, let them know early you can't be bought. Happy Anniversary you two! Love you all, Leni