Friday, August 21, 2009

Little rock stars

Forgive me if this is something only a mother could love - I just had to post.

Hudson discovered a no-fail mode on Rock Band - very 'ego-boosting' for Taggart.

They are singing the GO-GO's as I type this. So funny.


mary Kelava said...

The no-fail is great. Now everyone can play without getting blamed for 'ruining it'. I watched the whole video because I had a feeling the end would be the best part - and I was right. It was worth watching just to see Hudson and Taggart when the song was over.

Thanks for yesterday - I really enjoyed the day. I should have copied down the recipe for that meal - although I guess it was pretty straight forward.

Have a great time camping and see you one week today!

Rochelle Kelava said...

Hudson is so cute!

Anonymous said...

This one you need to put the sound on for. I love the drums and Hudson, you are a star!! Love, Leni