Thursday, March 4, 2010

The arguing , whining, crying, complaining and the gunuine 'driving your mother crazy' behavior today was enough to make me want to bang their heads together. So when a friend called and said they were driving out to the Blue Heron Reserve in Chilliwack and did we want to come, I thought maybe that's just what we need.
A place to run around, look for some wildlife, burn some energy.

And that's what we did.
They had lots of extra binoculars at the reserve for the kids to use. There was a section of trees with about 100 nests and we saw birds in almost all of them.
At one point a golden eagle tried to attack and the herons all vacated their nests in a big hurry, all flying over our heads. A little scary as there was nowhere to take cover. We covered our heads and hoped for the best. Luckily there were no messes to clean up. this is the best shot I could get - sorry Willi
So after a few hours of the great outdoors, we headed home. Eventhough they all said they had a great time and they thanked me for taking them, the peace didn't last.

Cooper and Hudson were in their beds by 8:00. I thought it best for their safety and for my sanity.

Thanks birds, you tried.


villagegirl said...

We've gone to the reserve as's a great place to be out!
I had to laugh a little at this post and was ever so thankful that I am not the only one who, on occasion, wants to bang my children's heads together, or mine against a brick wall...whichever comes first.
I'm glad you were able to get out and that peace lasted at least for a while. And hopefully the next days will be much better!

Anonymous said...

Makes you want to run away yes? There will come a time when instead of you sending the kids to bed, you can just go to bed yourself and leave them to their own devices - hopefully all alive in the morning. Love, Leni