Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bainbridge Island tournament

A very long day of skipping. Well, skipping for Reagan, sitting for me. Gym bleachers become really really uncomfortable, really really fast.

This was her first official tournament. For the most part she did great. Luckily she is still young enough to not really worry about scores. Even when she messed up, she still came off the floor smiling. I know that I would have been a lot more nervous than she was. Her single freestyle routine (video) was done in front of a table full of about 8-10 judges. The only time she had a little breakdown was after their double-dutch relay. That one was also very painful to watch. Jumping into turning double-dutch ropes is a lot harder than it looks. I have a video of that one too, but I won't inflict it on you all. At least, she can only get better.

The great thing about these tournaments is that they really want the jumpers to do well and it's all about having fun and encouragement. So again she walked away with an armful of ribbons.

Now she is gearing up for Provincials at the end of April in Victoria. Another ferry, another gym, and a whole lot more skipping. This time I'm coming prepared with cushions to fight off the wrath of the bleachers.

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