Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Go Canada Go!

I was sad to see the torch go out on Sunday.

I really enjoyed seeing the city of Vancouver in a constant state of elation, however concentrated to a few blocks it might have been.

I loved watching it on TV and celebrating when they won.

I loved that the kids loved it too and we could all watch together.

I really loved all the Canadian pride everywhere.

On Thursday we went downtown to get our fix of the Olympic experience. We didn't have any tickets to any events but we wanted to go and take the kids to see what the city was like. Canada donuts for the ride set the mood.

We saw the cauldron.

We watched the Olympic Mascots on Ice show at Robson Square.
We walked and walked and walked. And we got really tired of walking.
We caught the last two minutes of the women's hockey gold medal game through the window of this restaurant. By the end, quite a crowd had gathered. Fun to part of that little celebration when we won Gold.
We found the skippers in Yaletown. Some of the older girls form Reagan's team were there doing street performing during the games. Reagan enjoyed when she had a chance to show her stuff.
Someone handed Hudson that cardboard poster and he (and I) carried it around for the rest of the day.Yay Canada!
I am missing the Olympics this week and wished it were still on TV. But life moves on and we are knee deep into our 2-week Spring Break. Been busy with nothing so far but going to try and plan a few little things to do before it's over.


Rochelle said...

I loved having the olympics here too, especially all the Canadian pride (and the mascots!). It's too bad we couldn't meet up with you while you were downtown!

Anonymous said...

It looks like a fun day!! I was proud of Canada too!! Everyone loves Canada here. Love, Leni