Thursday, March 25, 2010

Standing tall

If you love tulips as much as I do, but really hate when they droop over in the vase, this post is for you. We've all heard the penny in the water trick and recently I was told to add sugar to the water but I don't think any of that really worked. On Monday when a dear friend and I were out for a walk I picked up these tulips from a roadside stand and she told me to take a pin and poke a whole right through the stem about 1 cm down from the flower. That's what I did and here they are, on day 4, still standing tall. Hooray for friends with good information. Thanks Julie!

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Sonya said...

Really? Wow! That would have been good information to know a few weeks ago when I had some lovely pink tulips in a vase. Hmmm...I guess I have an excuse now to go buy some more so that I can try this trick out. :)