Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Painting spring trees

This is an art project that I saw on this website months (maybe years) ago. As I browse the web I am constantly finding fun and interesting projects that I want to try. I am really good at finding the projects but not so good at actually getting my hands dirty and trying them.
Today was the day.
Here we go:
I bought some water color paper for this one and we taped them down to the newspaper which later would give our pictures a nice clean border.
We wet our paper with water and then used blue, green, pink and yellow to make our background.
We had to wait for that to dry so we had some popsicles to kill the time.
Then we dropped some brown paint in the corner and started blowing. After our trees looked like we wanted them to, we used a Q-tip to add little leaves and cherry blossoms.
Voila! Happy Spring!


Sonya said...

Oh my goodness. I totally want to try that! Those pictures turned out beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Very cool indeed! Leni