Friday, March 26, 2010

Where the Wild Things Are

When the movie came out in theatres, Tag really wanted to see it. We have the original Maurice Sendak book and had read it many times. We never went to see it. Hudson thought it would be way too scary for Taggart anyway.
Renting it and watching it in the comfort of our own living room seemed much safer so that's what we did tonight. But Tag may be scarred for life. When someone is sad on TV, Tag has always been sensitive to it, bottom lip quivering, but this went way past quivering. My poor boy shed so many tears for Max and the big wild thing that becomes his friend. If any of you have seen the movie, close to the end, when Max gets in his boat to go back home and his friend is running to say goodbye to him, Tag was beside himself. "He's not going to make it Mom", wailing. So sad and sweet all at the same time. The funny thing was Cooper, Hudson, and Reagan were all worrying more about Tag than watching the end of the movie.
He is now all tucked safely into bed, hopefully to have a restful and peaceful sleep, with no wild things in his dreams.

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