Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Breakfast smoothies on the front porch.
Lunch on the back deck.
Afternoon snack on the grass.
Who knows where dinner will be. Don't you just love summer?

Lots of comings and goings here. Cooper left for his long journey on Monday to go and spend two nights with Nana. Yesterday Reagan, Tag, and I drove to Camp Squeah to drop Hudson off until Friday. Coop arrived back to us this afternoon. For a while I was down to two (imagine!) and now we are back up to three - until Friday. Back to full capacity for only a short time until Sunday, when Hudson goes to Nana's and we drive Cooper to camp. Never a dull moment.

And a little something that made me giggle and I don't want to forget:
Tag comes running in the backdoor very excited. "Mom, Coop's playing with us and we are having sooooooo much fun. We're playing 'Cops and Robins'." :)

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Anonymous said...

Those are two cooooool dudes!! Love, Aunty Leni