Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy July

Summer is here with a vengeance. We are in a nice stretch of 30*+ weather and the pool is getting such a workout. Taggart has finally gotten comfortable in there floating around in his life jacket and today he discovered that if he really stretches his toes can touch the bottom. He was very excited about that.
Yesterday was Canada Day and with that comes our annual neighborhood picnic. A smaller turn out than past years but still a great time. The kids have such fun together and the pool was a big hit. We, of course, did the water balloon fight again and it's still a little tough to see about 600 balloons get destroyed in a matter of minutes when it took Steph and I hours to fill them all. But it has now become 'tradition' with the kids and I can actually see the memories filling up in their minds. I love it. We ended the night with some great mojitos (thanks Wade) and the kids all trying to see the fireworks from the upstairs window.
Late nights mean late mornings so this morning we all got off to a very late start. Not much happened today except more swimming and a good sweep of the yard to pick up all the water balloon scraps. Which reminds me, I owe the kids a loonie each for that. Jake is here spending his 'special time' with Nana so he joined us in the pool and that's always extra fun.


mary said...

I LOVE the photo of Jake and Taggart!

Anonymous said...

I am trying to determine whether Tag is laughing so hard he looks like he is crying in the photo with Jake. Jake has a great smile!!
I love the tatoo on your forehead Hudson
24 sleeps!! Love, Leni