Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Since my last post...

1. We got Hudson back from camp. He had lots of fun but could not smiling at the thought of getting back into his own bed. (forgot my camera at drop-off and pick-up - bad Mom)

2. Had a treasure hunt in the backyard. Took me an hour to make up all the clues, complete with rhyming poems and all. Took the kids about 5 minutes to complete it. They were happy with the loot - I was annoyed they were smarter than I thought they were.
3. We decided to visit Dinotown on the way to take Cooper to camp. Hadn't been there since before Reagan so we thought we should do it again for our littles. It hasn't changed. Discovered that even if the parents think somewhere isn't worth the $, the kids still do. It entertained them all despite the range in age. It's definitely geared towards younger kids.The boats were the biggest hit - did them 4 times.Hudson volounteered to be in the show - he rocked it!
Tag loved these guys and ran to give them hugs whenever he saw them. Very cute.My fave shot of the day - of the month. 4. Coops is at camp for 5 whole days - this definitely brings a certain sense of calm to our house.

5. I. Don't. Have. My. Camera. It's getting repaired (flash thing). He said 2 -3 weeks. Yikes.

6. Hudson has been at Nana's since Monday - he comes back today. Having only 2 children is bliss.

7. I am so behind on editing, deleting, sorting, storing, printing my photos that it feels like I need a whole week on my computer to get caught up.

8. I am annoyed that all the summer stuff in stores gets cleared out in July and when I want a new floaty, loungy thing for my pool because my old one got a hole I can't find one anywhere.

9. My house tends to get very messy in the summer because I would much rather be outside than inside.

10. I am dying to get to my scrapbook table but I can never find the time. I love the late summer evenings (last night Reagan and Tag didn't get to bed until almost 10:00) but they really cut in to 'me' time.

11. Happy Wednesday!


Mary said...

Way to go Hudson. Playing Rock Band pays off! See you and the rest of the gang tomorrow. Yippee!
Love, Aunty Mary xo

Anonymous said...

Great shot of Cooper and I love the red guitar Hudson - it rocks! Great shots of the whole outing and everyone looks nice and sun healthy! Not sure about Cooper and Hudson's rowing ability - it looks like they are going into the trees. Love, Aunty Leni